3 Benefits of using Marmox Technology


Being completely waterproof, as opposed to merely water resistant, means that no water at all can be absorbed into the core of the Multiboard. This means that it will not distort in the way that plasterboard would. Marmox Board can be used as a waterproofing tile backer board in a variety of situations such as in wet rooms, bathrooms and swimming pools.

Highly Insulating

Marmox Board is highly insulating, making it great for dry lining buildings, placing below electric underfloor heating, and for adding insulation to wet rooms. The Energy Saving Trust recommends using Marmox Board as an effective internal wall insulation board in buildings that do not have cavity walls and where insulation on the outside of the building is impractical.


Marmox Multiboards are strong and can withstand loads of 40 tonnes/m² on floors and will hold up to 62kg/m² on walls – more than enough to hold tiles, adhesive and fixtures/fittings. Their ability to hold such heavy loads makes Marmox Boards ideal for use with large tiles and stones and they are just as suitable for fixing to stud work as they are to solid walls.

Examples of Marmox Board installation

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